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About This Site

What a voyage of discovery trying to penetrate Earth’s deep mysteries!

It’s been more like feeling for cracks in total darkness in search of one big enough to at least slither into a bit.. getting endless scratches and bruises being barely able to squeeze into or through countless blind crevices and tunnels, then occasionally touching or leaning up against a spot that suddenly gives way revealing yet another treasure.. or at least a tantalizing glimmer of one.

Goodness undoubtedly has quite different perspectives in recalling
how this site came to be, unfolded in endless fits and restarts.

Where did the insights come from that finally broke through our blindnesses
and sillinesses generally lost in the details at best?

And what are thoughts and ideas anyway? Are they just streams of electrons whizzing in and through neuronal pathways, presumably confined within ones skull? Are brains just complicated binary or otherwise-patterned computers.. Communications with and understanding others some sort of electromagnetic field entraining or resonances?

Or did Hamlet know much more than he revealed in stating:

“There’s a Divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will.” (V,ii)

Also: It’s easy to imagine lots of flamethrowers attacking this site.

Not least for that reason, we hope to remain anonymous.. but mainly
only feel able to take exceedingly little if not minuscule credit for the site.

The vast significance of the OSU discovery to all human beings
warrants this site being freely available.

As Shakespeare and Goethe expressed it so well (in numerous ways):

Each of us is a stage where tendencies to resist vie with the Divine
ever striving to support and nourish one becoming
all that’s humanly possible in serving Eternity.

This site was created and is maintained exclusively via volunteer energy.

We welcome communication via the contact page.

We especially hope to learn any further ways our hypotheses are affirmed by evidence, plus learning any weaknesses in our analysis and reasoning we have overlooked.

Any and all constructive criticism heartily welcome.

But please don’t spare us any flames:
Sometimes the truth has to burn through lots of resistance…

Given past experience, we can only surmise we still have lots left.

It promises to be quite a rich ride as humanity works
to wrap its collective mind around the OSU revelations!

Hopefully some major donors will at least kick start lots of serious research needed to follow these enticing, so promising threads.

Plus there is a huge need to produce a sort of Reader’s Digest, much more succinct version geared more for mass consumption:

Those involved so far have now pretty much exhausted what we are able to contribute. Hopefully some professional(s) will take on this task.

Striving to be at your service,

The Authors

¹ WhatIsInside.Earth also loads this site

PS: If at all interested in supporting these efforts, please feel free
to get in touch via the contact page.

We will acknowledge a key principal recently turned eighteen years old
after sacrificing a year to this site,
ending up on public assistance.

Any and all financial contributions deeply appreciated..

Primarily because, as mentioned, the work of investigating the monumental OSU discovery has just begun –
especially the endless ramifications for science in general…