Estimated Coordinates of Triggered Quakes in Asia

(plus image of Chile epicenters (at bottom))

This map shows the calculated Antipode of the 2010 Chile quake in central China

per the earthquake coordinates Wikipedia reports.. and also displays

the location of the potentially triggered quake near it in the Nature report graphic,

demonstrating that quake was within a few degrees of the Chile quake’s antipode:

Coordinates of the triggered quake were estimated via the below computer graphics jig using two ruler images scaled to match the latitude and longitude marks
on OSU’s graphic, Figure 8 (panel a).

The multiple, mostly overlapping epicenters depicted in the source graphic:

represent the initial quake plus several aftershocks.

(Per the report’s caption, the second of the large, red ovals in Asia (2nd image above)
 – representing 150º distant – is projected from the aftershocks in Chile.

(The authors did not specify which of the two overlapping, nearly identical ovals is which.

(Also: All epicenters = light green or black oval dots  on the images apparently represent large quakes
( ≥ 5 magnitude were studied) within a few days of the initial quake.))