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Sep: Added Summary paragraph


27 Nov: Additional illustration of extreme contrast between depths of CPS Belt trenches and nearby mountain peaks: If rising from the trench bottom, the peak of Mt Everest would fail to reach the surface, would be submerged by a mile of ocean above it. Then there are several more miles to the top of the mountains on land bordering the trench, thus towering over the trench bottom nearly five miles higher than the height of Everest.

27 Sep: An additional plus an improved illustration, as well as clearer discussion how cPS Belt quakes suppressing Alpide Belt rates affirm the thesis of seismic waves contracting maximally at antipodes: The seeming contradiction of suppressed rates at 170 and 175º actually proves the rule.

11 Sep: Added jackhammer section discussing how seismic waves continually circling Earth over hours to days repeatedly shock strata (most intensely near antipodes) ‐ somewhat analogous to a jackhammer gradually wearing concrete away or so ‐ until the status quo shifts, is disrupted enough that distinct strata pressing together and opposing along faults overcome whatever restrains the two sides of a fault from shifting, thus triggering remote quakes.

Plus section distinguishing how some degree ranges of triggering are reinforced by seismic waves on their return journies to their focus origin after more-or-less reuniting at their antipodes, while other degree ranges miss out.

30 July: Additional graphs added at end of the page describing how and why OSU’s rate graph was adapted, further demonstrating the thesis of the circum-Pacific Seismic Belt explaining the seeming contradictory drop in quake rates past 165º.

29 July: Most popup windows on the home page have now been replaced with hidden sections revealed by clicking a button that also hides them again. A couple popups have been retained especially for desktop users who may wish to keep key graphics handy. Hopefully the few remaining popups will be replaced today.

27 July:  Multiple improvements and additional images added past week to page describing especially why OSU’s graph of rates was mildly adapted, including extensive evidence how the seeming contradictory drop in rates of triggering beyond 165º from epicenters is actually a strong confirmation of seismic waves majorly confined in an astoundingly thin shell.

Work in Progress: For greater hardware compatibility, popup windows are being replaced by hidden sections of a page easy to reveal with a click. The above page no longer has any popups.

24 July:  Major improvements to page of all the nitty-gritty details how OSU’s graph of rates was adapted, especially to the spreadsheet image displaying the calculations and adjustments. Also: Added this Updates page to inform followers.

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